Spurious PUPU Request Tracker— Advanced support request system

Spurious PUPU Request Tracker – SPURT™ – channels every incoming support request at PUPU. Large amounts of support requests are optimised to balance the work process which improves the lead-time of the requests.

Support requests

SRV area: EMEA
RQ types: All
Available: 24 hours
Telephone: +358 (41) 495 1614
Email: <request+web@rt.pupu.li>
Fax: Yes, teleprinter only

Request processing

Thanks to the our SPURT™ system, we process requests instantly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Support requests are normally handled in their standing order.

Please send support requests to: <request+web@rt.pupu.li>.
For customers: rt.pupu.li

Become a PUPU's client?

PUPU serves its customers in the best possible way dynamically and in a customer-oriented way. If you want to join the hordes of our satisfied customers, please don’t hesitate to contact us!