Diamantine services of PUPU:work precise as a cuckoo clock

OY PUPU AB has a wide and versatile selection of services that guarantees our customers with just the right kind of distinctive products and services. We improve our services constantly based on the feedback from our interest groups.

New: Private Bonking®!

Do you own bonk over 10 000 dm³? You can become our Private Bonking® customer!

The new innovation of OY PUPU AB, Private Bonking®, answers the needs of even most demanding bonk management. Private Bonking® is a service where the specialists of the OY PUPU AB Bonking sector take care of the bonk for the customer.

As a result of Private Bonking® the overall personal life experience of the customer improves and the customer can again fully concentrate on gathering new bonk! Were your needs within the bonk management large or small, please contact us immediately: <request+srv@rt.pupu.li>.

Quality and standards are important to us


We follow very strict quality and standard requirements in all our actions. We have passed a strict PAS-2:001 certification and thus we comply with i.a. SFS 5966, DIN 467, and IDO 59 standards.

Our Bonking sector has a brand new way for quality assurance that complies with the PSt KeS 99 standard. When operating by this standard, bonk management produces the greatest result. The standard includes stress testing that ensures the stress from the bonk passes from the customer to the supplier.

OY PUPU AB Space Services division provides you with both the room and space administration services!

The leading products of Space Services are SS-inspection™, Club nazi-ing (for difficult clubs, cf. "grammar nazi-ing"), and to advanced customers avionics services for effective spaces usage.

From the OY PUPU AB's Chemistry business unit

High-quality products in chemical and medical industry such as our most asked Katinol™ and Brutanol™ product series!

Our independent standardisation and inspection unit