Pula-ajan Puhelin is a dynamic, vivid and expansionary company that offers all and legal services from electrical, telecommunications, christmas lighting installations, maintenance, and operating service fields – reliably without a guarantee. To date we already have many references but one worthwhile mentioning is OH6AD, whose club station, installations, and maintenance are managed by us.

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  • 3 The units in our maintenance can be recognised from our logo and the text PULA-AJAN PUHELIN-MAINTAINED // PUPU-MAINT

Everyday life has taught us that asynchronic design and productionstructure helps to achievepositive and rich user experience.

Statistics reveal that precise incentive and disincentive examination teaches to assimilate the expanding markets and new inductive and deductive production methods.

The meaning of universally intercultural competence in maintaining the production process models the general view and overall picture exploiting the diversity of our lateral know-how.

Customer experience

"PUPU's service is good, I have to admit"
-satisfied customer


PUPU continuously develops new innovations in its R&D departments.


Our testing laboratory inspects all devices passing through us.



PUPU Accreditation Services (CE3699) has accredited our operation and granted us a PAS-2:001 certificate! Under this certificate we follow e.g. SFS 5966 and IDO 59 standards.

Contact information

OY Pula-ajan Puhelin AB
c/o OH6AD
40013 PUPU

+358 (41) 495 1614